We would welcome  any other pictures of Aird Motors  you may have as we add more history to this section 

Aird Staff 1948
These pictures are 2 amazing archive photo's of Aird Motors handed in by Davie Henderson, a Former employee whose actually in the photo's

Old Filling Station

The old Crossley Breakdown Truck

 Old Workshops 1990

 Feature done in early 90's when we had the Polaris franchise

 Old Showroom 1991

David Finnie and David Tuach 1991 open day at Craigdarroch hotel

Graeme Cuthbert John Macrae David Finnie Julia Lesh and Ron Shanks 1992

Sean Connery turns up at our Impreza launch 1993

Dougie Bain and David Tuach at opening of new filling station 1993

Opening of new garage April 1994

Ian Macleod and David Tuach

 1997 from the air